Meet your Mentors

Having a Professional Mentor is one of the secrets sause to sucess, so Boost Your Success with a Professional Mentor's Expertise and Guidance!"  

Our Mentors Possess Extensive Performance Testing and Engineering Experience, Having Worked on Diverse Projects Across Various Industries and Geographical Locations. 

Stalin- Mentor/Guest Lecturer

Performance Test & Engineering expert with 15+ years of global experience working for more than 10+ fortune 500 Clients in 3 different continents. Deeply passionate about setting up performance test and engineering solution, identifying and resolving performance bottleneck for complex distributed IT System.

Top 3 Interested areas: Setting up PT and Engineering solutioning for New projects, CICD performance tooling Integration, Front End Optimization.

Senthil -Mentor/Guest Lecturer

Automation expert with 12+ years of experience working for different clientele in India and Southeast Asia. Expert in Selenium and proficient in Automation Testing using tools like TOSCA, TestNg, Cucumber, Rest Assured, CA Dev Test, Appium, Perfecto, and UFT. 

Top 3 Areas- Setting up selenium automation framework, Mobile automation testing and API automation testing.

RamaDevi-Mentor/Guest Lecturer

Performance Test & Engineering expert with 15+ years of experience working for various products and service based company. She has in-depth knowledge on different platform and architecture.

Top 3 Interested areas: Performance Engineering, Database/.net performance engineering and Log Mining tool(Splunk).

Thoufeeq- Mentor/Guest Lecturer

Performance Specialist with over 6+ years of experience in performance testing.Workeed in multiple projects with core specialization in Loadrunner.

Ancy -Training Coordinator

Training Coordinator